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    78. 我為我們的學校自豪。

    I am proud of our school.

    79. 我們的老師總是對我們很嚴格。

    Our teachers are always strict with us.

    80. 每天乘公交車上學花費我一個小時。

    It takes me an hour to go to school by bus every day.

    81. 我們的老師使我們繼續學習。

    Our teachers make us carry on with study.

    82. 開展這次測試要花費我們一個小時。

    It will take us an hour to carry out this test.

    83. 為什么不提出一些趕上別人的好建議呢?

    Why not come up with some good advice to come up with others?

    84. 即使天氣很差,我們也必須盡力準時到學校。

    We have to try our best to get to school on time even though the weather is terrible.

    85. 我們的老師經常告訴我們永遠愛我們的祖國。

    Our teacher often tells us to love our country for ever.

    86. 從早到晚我們都忙于學習。

    We are busy studying from morning to evening.

    87. 請你把這些試卷分發給學生好嗎?

    Could you please give out these papers to the students?

    88. 在你交試卷前,你最好檢查一下。

    You had better go over the paper before you hand in the paper.

    89. 翻閱你們的作業花了我許多時間。

    It took me a lot of time to go through your homework.

    90. 我驚訝地問他為什么討厭學習。

    I asked him in surprise why he hated studying.

    91. 最終,他和我都及時到了學校。

    In the end, both he and I arrived at school in time.

    92. 我們班由40個學生組成。

    Our class is made up of 40 students.

    93. 每天走著上學花我20分鐘。

    It takes me twenty minutes to go to school on foot every day.

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