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    52. 我父親每天都給我一點錢。

    My father gives me a bit of money every day.

    53. 我媽媽昨天給我買了幾本書。

    My mother bought a few books for me yesterday.

    54. 請你遞給我一點兒水好嗎?

    Could you please pass me a little water?

    55. 他上周借給我許多書。

    He lent a number of books to me last week.

    56. 他去年送了我一雙鞋。

    She sent me a pair of shoes last year.

    57. 今天上午我們老師告訴過我們一則好消息。

    Our teacher told us a piece of good news this morning.

    58. 我奶奶反反復復給我講過這個故事。

    My grandma tells the story to me again and again.

    59. 在海里有各種各樣的魚。

    There are all kinds of fishes in the sea.

    60. 天晴后,請你打掃一下你的院子好嗎?

    Will you please clean up your yard after the sky is clearing up?

    61. 老師一進來我們就停止說話了.

    We stopped talking as soon as the teacher came in.

    62. 趕快!咱們去購物。

    Come on! Let’s go shopping.

    63. 為什么不切斷煤氣呢?

    Why not cut off the gas?

    64. 在日常生活中,我們不得不處理各種問題。

    We have to deal with all kinds of problems in our daily life.

    65. 你要么呆在家里要么去上學。

    You either stay at home or go to school.

    66. 如果你想出去,咱們去散步吧!

    Let’s go for a walk if you feel like going out.

    67. 我們老師請我們填表。

    Our teacher asked us to fill in the form.

    68. 他有時帶給我一些書。

    He brings me some books from time to time.

    69. 我想要和同學們和睦相處。

    I would like to get along well with my classmates.

    70. 趕快,否則我們會上學遲到。

    Hurry up, or we will be late for school.

    71. 為了他能拍一些好照片,我借給他相機。

    I lend him a camera in order that he can take some good photos.

    72. 我們最好別在公共場合大聲聊天。

    We had better stop talking loudly in public.

    73. 我剛才聽見她唱歌了。

    I heard her sing just now.

    74. 如果這場雨一直下著,會對我們生活不利。

    If this rain keeps up, it will be bad for our life.

    75. 她太小而不能照顧她自己。

    She is too young to look after herself.

    76. 我不再介意告訴我壞消息。

    I no longer mind telling me bad news.

    77. 從那以后,我不再給他看我的照片了。

    From then on, I didn’t show my pictures to him any more.

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