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    單句改錯 (下列句子各有一處錯誤,請改正)

    1. Now people get a lot of informations from TV.
    2. German is a European country.
    3. They didn’t want me to do any work at family.
    4. Yesterday I met an old friend of my father.
    5. Boys and girls, don’t lose hearts. Do better next time.
    6. They are of different size.
    7. It is so beautiful place that you must visit it.
    8. What a terrible weather we have been having!
    9. It took place in France, an European country.
    10. Suddenly I caught a sight of my English teacher in the crowd.
    11. What good time we had last night!
    12. We shall spend three-day holiday together.
    13. I came to understand that was not easy to earn money.
    14. Some parents think useless for girls to go to school.
    15. When he bought a chocolate cake, he put them in a secret place.
    16. One day I wrote a little story and showed to my teacher.
    17. It’s important that we should think over before doing anything.
    18. The truck was moving so fast that the driver couldn’t control.
    19. I apologized and controlled me at my best till the dinner started.
    20. We must take part in the social practice to prepare us well for our future.
    21. The teacher did not punish for cheating but instead gave me a second chance.
    22. Henry did not like his car, that ran badly and often broke down.
    23. There was a five-pound note in the pocket of the trousers I had told her to wash it.
    24. People can hardly do some fishing there.
    25. I visited a place where is surrounded by mountains.
    26. I am sure you will find one you like it.
    27. It was yesterday when he broke the window.
    28. He had lost his glasses without them he couldn’t see.
    29. Oliver Twist, the hero of the story, he was an orphan.
    30. It starts with choosing a tree from neither a farm or a store.
    31. She never has enough time for that she wants to do.
    32. I find what I have one shortcoming in my character.
    33. What necessary it is that we get rid of the bad habits.
    34. It didn’t matter that I would win or not.
    35. People in the US drink more coffee than people in any country.
    36. The development will bring us much more hopes and chances.
    37. The Olympics are held each four years.
    38. A summer, Fane traveled abroad.
    39. I hope you think about my request as soon as possibly.
    40. I know you are particular interested in Human Rights.
    41. As there is no air or water, there can be no life , too.
    42. There were too many nice things that I didn’t know what to choose.
    43. He decides to travel a lot and visit such many new places as possible.
    44. I couldn’t see as clear as before.
    45. The water in it is so dirty that it smells terribly.
    46. I appreciate your help very well.
    47. You always gave me specially attention and inspired me.
    48. It was until midnight that it stopped raining.
    49. People both at home and abroad have been great helped by the new computer.
    50. He has to work if he wants to live comfortable.


    1-5 informations-information; German-Germany; family-home; father-father’s; hearts-heart;
    6-10 size-sizes; a place; 刪除a; an-a; 刪除a
    11-15 a good time; a three-day; that后加it; think后加it; them-it;
    16-20 showed后加it; think后加it; control后加it; me-myself; us-ourselves;
    21-25 punish后加me; that-which; 刪除it; some-any; where-which;
    26-30刪除it; when-that; them-which; 刪除he; neither-either;
    31-35 that-what; what-that; What-How; that-whether; any后加other;
    36-40 much-many; each-every; A-One; possibly-possible; particular-particularly;
    41-45 too-either; too-so; such-as; clear-clearly; terribly-terrible;
    46-50 well-much; specially-special; was后加not; great-greatly; comfortable-comfortably;

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