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    I live in the country and my father was a farmer. 1. __________
    He is now forty-five year old. Because of years of 2. __________
    hard work, he looks old than his age. When I was 3. __________
    young, he is used to tell me the importance of study. 4. __________
    Father knows little about English and other subjects, 5. __________
    but he usually gives me some good advices on how 6. __________
    to learn my lessons good. He is not only kind to me 7. __________
    but also very strict in me. With his help, I’ve made 8. __________
    great progress. I’ll never to forget what he taught 9. __________
    me. I think my father is best father in the world. 10. _________


    1. was 改為 is。根據上下文的時態可知。
    2. 第一個year改為years。因它受 forty-five 的修飾。
    3. old 改為 older。因其后有表示比較的 than。
    4. 去掉is。比較:used to=過去經常,be used to=習慣于。
    5. 此行無錯。
    6. advices 改為 advice。advice 為不可數名詞。
    7. good 改為 well。修飾動詞要用副詞,不用形容詞。
    8. in 改為 with。be strict in后接某事,be strict with后接某人。
    9. 去掉to。因助動詞will后要接動詞原形,不能接不定式。
    10. best 前加 the。形容詞最高級前通常要加定冠詞。

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