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    1. —I’m a teenager’s mother. Sometimes I don’t know ________.
        —Love and understanding.
       A. what my son needs most
       B. what does my son want to get
       C. why my son gets annoyed very often
    2. —Do you know ________ last night?
        —Sorry, I don’t know. But I think he should go to bed early because he will have an English exam this afternoon.
       A. when he goes to bed
       B. when he went to bed
       C. when did he go to bed
    3. —Alice, I hear there is a new library in your city. Could you tell me________ ?
       A. how for is it B. how I can get there
       C. where is it D. which bus should I take
    4. —Do you know the girl ________ is standing under the tree?
        —She is my little sister.
       A. who B. whom C. whose D. which
    5. I’m waiting for my friend. ________, I’ll go shopping alone.
       A. If she comes B. If she will come C. If she doesn’t come D. If she didn’t come
    6. This is the dictionary ________ Mum gave me for my birthday.
       A. which B. what C. whose D. whom
    7. —Do you know ________? —Sorry, I don’t know.
       A. where does Jimmy work B. where Jimmy works
       C. how does Jimmy go to work D. what does Jimmy do
    8. He’ll send us a message as soon as he ________ Sichuan.
       A. is arriving B. will arrive C. arrived D. arrives
    9. It was ________ weather that they decided to go out for a picnic.
       A. such fine  B. such a fine  C. so fine D. so fine a
    10. —Why did Miss Wang look so worried when we saw her?
          —Because she wondered ________.
       A. where did the other students go  B. when would the policeman came
       C. what he students have done during the trip  D. if her students had survived the earthquake
    11. —Excuse me, please tell me ________.
      —There is a supermarket over there. You can get some there.
       A. how I can find a supermarket B. where the supermarket is C. where I can buy some fruit
    12. —Can you tell me ________?
       A. when did he buy the car B. where did he buy the car
       C. when he bought the car D. where he bought the car
    13. The camel ________ I rode had a bad temper, and I got very tired.
       A. that B. whose C. who D. where
    14. —What are you looking for?
      —I am looking for the book ________ I bought yesterday.
       A. who B. which C. whose
    15. I didn’t know ________ they could pass he exam or not.
       A. why B. when C. that D. whether

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