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         The law says that women should have the chance of doing the same jobs as men and earn the same as them.
         The reality is very different. Women lose because, 25 years after the Equal Pay Act, many of them still get paid less than men.
         They lose because they do lower-paid jobs which men just won’t consider. And they lose they are the ones who interrupt a career to have children.
         All this is reported in an independent study ordered by the Government’s women’s unite.
         The biggest problem isn’t equal pay in work places such as factories. It is a sort of work women do.
         Make a list of low-paid of jobs_ then consider who does them.
         Try nurses, secretaries, cleaner, clerks, teachers in primary schools, dinner ladies, and child care helpers. Not a lot of men among that group, are there?
         Yet some of those jobs are really important. Surely no one would deny that about nurses and teachers, for a start.
         So why do we reward the people who do them so poorly? There can be only one answer--- because they are women.
         This is not going to be put right overnight. But the Government, which employs a lot of them,, and other bosses have to make a start.
         It is disgraceful(可恥的) that we have gone into the 21st Century still treating women like second-class citizens.
    1. Women should have the chance of doing the same jobs and be paid equally as men ____.
    A. after 25 years
    B. according to the law
    C. as a result of the Equal Pay Act
    D. because women are as strong as men
    2. We can learn from the text what the problem really matters is ____.
    A. that the women interrupt a career to have children
    B. what sort of work women do
    C. because they are women
    D. what an unfair pay women get in workplaces.
    3. Which of the following best describes the writer’s idea?
    A. Women should get equal pay for equal work to that of men.
    B. Women should strengthen加強 themselves.
    C. The Government ought to protect women against getting paid less than men.
    D. Some of the jobs that women do are of great importance.
    4. When the writer says “This is not going to be put right overnight”, he means ____.
    A. we must solve the problem very quickly.
    B. there is not completely fair thing all over the world.
    C. we need a long time to change the unfair reality.
    D. the problem that women lose will be solved soon.
    5. Which do you think would be the best title for this passage?
    A. Work to give women a fair pay deal.
    B. Time to change the situation.
    C. Equal work, equal pay.
    D. Should women be treated like second-class citizens?

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