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    Passage 1

          10000 years ago, the world's population was very small. For several thousand years it grew quite slowly. But during the last three or four hundred years it has grown very quickly.Today, it is still growing faster than ever before. This means we must grow more food, and have smaller families with fewer, but healthier children. If we don't do these things, the results will be very bad. There will not be enough space even to stand in on the earth.

    根據短文內容判斷正( T )誤( F )
    1. The text tells us why the world's population grows so fast.
    2. There were much fewer people thousands of years ago than hundreds of years ago.
    3. Today, the world's population is growing more slowly than ever before.
    4. If we have smaller families with fewer, healthier children, the results will be bad.
    5. It's very important for us to control the population.

    Key: 1. F 2. T 3. F 4. F 5. T

    Passage 2

         The big red American car was much too wide for an English country road.When Jack saw it coming towards him,he stopped his own car at the side of the road to make room for it to pass.The American car went slowly past,so close that he could see the driver's face quite clearly.

         “Where have I seen that face before?”he thought, “Wait a minute!I remember now.It was in the newspaper!”He took out the newspaper from his bag,turned quickly to the middle page.There was a picture of the face in it.Yes,it had a large mouth and small ears,and his eyes were behind dark glasses.

          “Wanted by the police,”read by Jack. “The city bank will give a lot of money to anymore who helps the police to catch this man.”

          “Call the police at once.”he said to himself.But a few minutes later, he was sad, “This man was caught this morning.”answered the police.

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