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          一個英國中學生代表團將到你校參觀和交流, 假設你有幸參加與他們的座談會,請寫一篇120詞左右的發言稿,請你談談學校開展小組合作學習和自主學習的體會。


         Good afternoon! It’s my pleasure to  briefly introduce my school life regarding two aspects, independent learning and cooperative learning.

         Independent learning is a basic principle of my school education. At one level it encourages us to work out pl ans and arrange our timetable, in which case we improve our independent thinking and management skills. On another level, it presents us with a block of work in whi ch we are developing strategies.

         Meanwhile, we are making great attempt to create a cooperative-learning environment, where we are encouraged to work in groups. Within group work, we are guided to voice our individual opinions, listen  to each other and re spect each other.

         Independent learning and cooperative learning form a key feature of my school education and they prove to be a great benefit to our overall development in the long run.

         That’s all for my introduction. We’re eager to know about your school life so that we could better learn from each other.

         Thank you.

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