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    How to build an economized society
    編輯:admin 時間:2015/7/30 9:25:43 來源:中學英語網

         我國正提倡建設“節約型社會”,以“How to build an economized society”為題,寫一篇作文,談談自己的想法。文章須包括以下要點:
    1. 節電:及時關閉電腦等用電設備
    2. 節水:隨手關閉水龍頭;廢水再利用
    3. 節紙:紙張再利用
    4. 補充:自己日常生活所感所為


    How to build an economized society

          Our government is aiming to build an economized society. It is everybody’s duty to work hard to achieve this goal including us students. 

          Recently, the statistics in the report of one certain school in two school terms suggest that the expenses of electricity, water and paper are surprisingly large and growing rapidly, which draws our attention. 

          As a common member of society, we must keep the following points in our minds. First, make sure that the lights and all the other electric facilities are turned off when we finish our work and leave the room. Secondly, try to form the habit of turning off the tap after it is used and the waste water can be reused for more purposes before being thrown into sewers. Thirdly, save paper as much as possible in our everyday life. It is even better to reuse it. 

          In a word, if we pay much attention to our everyday behavior and take actions to reduce waste, we can make contributions to an economized society.

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