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      Soldiers and other military people wear uniforms with various other symbols to indicate their status.But in the business world everyone wears more or less similar suits,and you cannot tell at a glance who ranks higher or lower than another.So how do people in the business world show their superiority? An attempt to study this was made by two researchers using a series of silent films.They had two actors play the parts of an executive(經理)and a visitor,and switch roles each time.The scene had one man at his desk playing the part of an executive,while the other,playing the part of a visitor,knocks at the door,opens it and approaches the desk to discuss some business matter.

      The audience watching the films was asked to rate the executive and the visitor in terms of status.A certain set of rules about status began to emerge from the ratings.The visitor showed the least amount of status when he stopped just inside the door to talk across the room to the seated man.He was considered to have more status when he walked halfway up to the desk,and he had the most status when he walked directly up to the desk and stood right in front Of the seated executive.

      Another thing that affected the status of the visitor in the eyes of the observers was the time between knocking and entering.For the seated executive,his status was also affected by the time between hearing the knock and answering.The quicker the visitor entered the room,the more status he had.The longer the executive took to answer,the more status he had.

      41.The experiment designed by the two researchers aimed at finding out ____

      A.how business is conducted by all executive and a visitor

      B how to tell the differences between an executive and a visitor

      C.how to tell businessmen at a glance

      D.how businessmen indicate status

      42 Which of the statements can best sum up the passage? C

      A.The executive has a higher status than the visitor.

      B.Military people wear uniforms but the businessmen do not

      C.A study revealing a set of rules about the status of businessmen.

      D It is a good method to use a series of silent film in research.

      43 Having entered the room,the closer the visitor approaches the executive, ___

      A.the less it affected his status B.the lower his status

      C.the more it affected his status D.the higher his status

      44.The longer the seated man was in answering the knock,______

      A.the higher his status B.the less it affected his status

      C.the lower his status D the more it affected his status

      45.Which statement is NOT true?

      A Soldiers wear uniforms with various symbols so that one call tell their status at a glance.

      B.In the experiment.one actor played the executive while the other played the seated man.

      C.Business people wear similar suits.

      D The audience watching the film rated the executive and the visitor in terms of status.

      Key: DCDAB

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