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      Are all your photographs good?Be honest with yourself. Aren’t some of your pictures too dark, and others too light?How many times have you thrown away a photo?We, the Fine Photograph Club, can help you. We meet every Wednesday in our comfortable club room in Bridge Street. At 7:30 p.m. a member of the club or a visitor would give a talk, and then we have coffee. Our members will advise you on all the latest cameras and films. They will help you to develop your films or enlarge your pictures. What does it all cost?Only 5 pounds a year.

      Photography is now a big business. Do you know, for instance, that there are 15 million cameras in our country?And that 700 million photographs are taken a year, more than one-third of them in color?Think of the amount of photography in television, the cinema, newspapers, books, advertisements and so on. In modern life people learn a lot from pictures, so photography is more and more important. It is also more complicated and more expensive than it used to be. You may only want to take good photographs of faces and places. If so, we can help you to get better results. You needn’t waste any more money. If you want to learn more about photography and how it is used, join the club please. You won’t be disappointed. Write now to the Secretary, Fine Photograph Club. Bridge Street.

      31. The purpose of passage is to _____.

      A. show people how to take fine pictures

      B. tell people photography is now a big business

      C. tell people the club can do many things for you

      D. encourage people to join the photograph club


      32. If you want to join the club, you _____.

      A. must be good at photography B. must know about the latest cameras and films

      C. must pay a little money a year D. must be honest with yourself

      答案為C。此句為細節題。從短文第一段的最后一句話:five pounds a year中得出答案。

      33. You are able to be honest so that you can_____.

      A. say if your photos are good or bad B. tell how much money you waste

      C. help the Fine Photograph Club D. know the latest development in cameras

      答案為A。此句為細節推理題。將第一段內容進行綜合分析,可以知道:這是Fine Photograph club所做的宣傳廣告,讓人們知道他們是為了幫助人們提高攝影技術,避免出現浪費現象,而且費用低廉。因此選項A符合短文的內容。

      34. The club can give the following service except _____.

      A. coffee B. amusement C. advice D. information

      答案為B。此句為細節推理題。從短文內容上看,文章中出現了:and then we have coffee(選項A的內容),will advise you on all the latest,(選項C的內容)和if you want to learn,it is used(選項D的內容),這樣只有選項B的內容在短文中沒有出現了。

      35.Which statement of the following is true?

      A. If you are a member of Fine Photograph Club, it will cost you only 5 pounds to buy a camera.

      B. All the members of Fine Photograph Club can take free photographs of faces and places.

      C. More than a third of 700 million color photographs are taken a year.

      D. If you write to the photograph club, you will be very good at photographing.

      答案為C。細節題。在短文And that 700 million photographs are taken a year,more than one-third Of them in color?中給出了答案。其中的them就是700 million photographs。

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