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         One night, a poor young artist stood at the gate of the subway station, playing his violin. Many people put some money into the    36    of the young man.
         The next day, the young artist came again, and put his hat on the ground gracefully.   37    from the day before, he took out a large piece of    38    and laid it on the ground. Then he began    39    .
         Before long, the young violinist was   40  with people, who were all attracted by the   41   on that paper, which said, “Last night, a gentleman named George Sang put something important into my hat    42    . Please come to claim (認領) it soon.”
         After half an hour, a middle-aged man ran there in a hurry and    43    through the crowd to the violinist and said. “Yes, it’s you. You    44    here. I knew that you’re an honest man and would    45   come here.”
         The violinist   46    a lottery ticket on which George Sang’s name was seen. George seized the lottery ticket and    47    in and danced happily.
    George bought a lottery ticket which    48    him a prize of $500,000. He was so happy after work and felt the violinist playing so wonderfully that he put 50 dollars in the hat.   49   , the lottery ticket was also thrown in.
         When asked why he didn’t keep the lottery ticket   50   himself, the violinist said, “  51   I don’t have much money, I live happily; but if I lose honesty, I won’t be happy forever.”
    We can gain and lose so much in our life. But being honest should  52  be with us. If we bear ourselves in a dishonest way, we  53  succeed temporarily (暫時). However, from the long-term view, we’ll be a loser. Such a person is just like the  54    on the mountain. It’s high above at first, but gradually it falls and loses the  55  of going up.

    36. A. box  B. hat  C. bowl  D. bag
    37. A. Different  B. Away  C. Free  D. Far
    38. A. cloth  B. stone  C. paper  D. wood
    39. A. begging  B. shouting C. singing  D. playing
    40. A. crowded  B. surprised C. surrounded D. satisfied
    41. A. picture  B. money  C. ticket  D. words
    42. A. on purpose B. by mistake C. in advance D. in a hurry
    43. A. rushed  B. looked  C.. broke  D. lived
    44. A. didn’t come B. did leave  C. did come D. did arrive
    45. A. probably  B. certainly C. recently D. nearly
    46. A. handed out B. gave out  C. sent out D. took out
    47. A. tore  B. threw  C. kissed  D. hid
    48. A. beat  B. won  C. took  D. sold
    49. However  B. Fortunately C. Otherwise D. Generally
    50. A. by   B. with  C. from  D. for
    51. A. Although  B. Whenever C. Unless  D. Until
    52. A. often  B. always  C. seldom  D. never
    53. A. must  B. should  C. may  D. need
    54. A. water  B. air  C. grass  D. tree
    55. A. road  B. chance  C. path  D. method


    36-40BACDC    41-45 DBACB    46-50 DCBAD   51-55ABCAB

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