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      All Americans would remember April 14, 1865,   26   Abraham Lincoln was shot that night,   27   a very busy day, the president and his wife went to Ford's Theatre,   28    a new play was going to put on.
      Near the theatre there lived   29   actor named John Wilkes Booth, who was strongly against the   30   though he hadn’t fought for the South himself. As the play   31   after a moment for a rest, Booth came into the theatre. He walked slowly and quietly   32   the door through   33   he could move into the President's box. He looked   34   carefully so as to find the guards   35   were protecting the president from the enemy. To his joy, there was none of   36    and nobody noticed him. He reached the door quickly and began to hold the gun in his pocket.
      It was quiet in the theatre. Suddenly a terrible sound   37    in on the play. It surprised everyone and soon everyone looked   38   where the sound had just come. Smoke was seen   39   from the box, where the   40   had enjoyed the play all the night! Soldiers hurried   41   , but it was too   42  . The murderer had already jumped from the box   43   to the stage from which he hurriedly ran out of the   44  .
      Lincoln, one of the greatest American presidents, was shot and   45   early the next morning.

    26. A. as              B. where          C. when             D. how
    27. A. before          B. after            C. on                D. during
    28. A. when           B. where          C. there              D. before
    29. A. 25-years old   B. 25 years old  C. a 25-years-old    D. a 25-year-old
    30. A. North           B. South          C. the Union        D. slavery
    31. A. came to a stop   B. started       C. lasted            D. ended
    32. A. towards          B. over            C. up              D. down
    33. A. that              B. which          C. where           D. in
    34. A. around          B. behind         C. back             D. forward
    35. A. which           B. who            C. whom           D. what
    36. A. guards          B. them            C. people          D. soldiers
    37. A. broke           B. came           C. flied             D. went
    38. A. at                B. to               C. up               D. down
    39. A. to come         B. coming        C. to rise           D. raising
    40. A. murderer       B. guard          C. Lincoln          D. president
    41. A. about            B. round           C. out               D. in
    42. A. noisy            B. dark             C. late              D. surprise
    43. A. on                B. in                C. down            D. over
    44. A. stage            B. box              C. gate               D. theatre
    45. A. was dead      B. had been dead


    26-30 CBBDA   31-35 AABAB   36-40 BACBD   41-45 DCCDD

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