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         We find different kinds of animals in the world. Some animals, such as tigers and lions live in big forest and they are called   26   animals. Some others like sheep and dogs are   27   by men and they are called domestic(馴養) animals. These animals are very different from one another, but we can  28   them into big groups: those that eat other animals and those that eat grass and leaves. Animals like the   29   belong to the first group. Animals like cows, elephants and horses belong to the second group. 
         Animals are   30   great use to human beings. Men   31   wild animals for their fur and meat. Domestic animals are   22   more important to men. Without them, life will be   33   . People make use of animals in many   34   .
         Cows and pigs are useful to men’s   35   . They give 80% of the  36   men eat every year. Skin of some animals can be   37   into expensive overcoats and shoes, which are warm and comfortable and  38   a long time. They are very welcome in   39   countries. Wool, which is now one of the most important material for textile(紡織)  40   , comes from a special kind of  41   . From cows, we get milk. And we shouldn’t   42   that some domestic animals are kept for transport. Many people   43   ride horses. Arabs ride on camels which travel in deserts for days without   44   . In some places animals are still used to plough field.   45   is clear that men just can’t live without these animals.

    26. A. wild   B. serious   C. terrible  D. fighting
    27. A. trapped   B. treated     C. sold     D. kept
    28. A. separate   B. divide    C. sell     D. keep
    29. A. chicken   B. tiger      C. fish     D. goat
    20. A. with   B. to        C. for   D. of
    31. A. hunt   B. discover   C. raise    D.care for
    32. A. quite   B. every       C. even    D. some
    33. A. smooth   B. difficult   C. easy        D. perfect
    34. A. ways   B. groups    C. places   D. kinds
    35. A. life       B. work       C. family      D. food
    36. A. meal   B. meat       C. dinner   D. animals
    37. A. put       B. turned    C. made    D. changed
    38. A. last      B. cost       C. take   D. dress
    39. A. cool   B. cold      C. warm   D. foreign
    40. A. business        B. workers   C. industry  D. factory
    41. A. sheep   B. dogs     C. cows       D. pigs
    42. A. forget   B. remember   C. realize      D. notice
    43. A. always   B. hardly    C. still     D. just
    44. A. resting   B. drinking   C. sleeping  D. stopping
    45. A. That   B. This      C. It       D. So

    Key: ADBBD    ACBAD      BCABC    AACBC

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