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    牛津高中英語Module 10 重點句型講解
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    1. In trying to fight worldwide hunger, the United Nations set up the World Food Programme (WFP) in 1963. 為了抗擊世界各地的饑荒,聯合國于1963年成立了世界糧食計劃署。
    【考點】 set up的用法。
    【點撥】 此句中set up為“建立,創立 ”之意。如:
      I have heard that they will set up a medical team to treat this kind of disease.
      Our university was set up fifty years ago.
    【拓展】 set up還有“豎立;張貼” 之意。如:
      The hero’s statue will be set up in the front of the square.
      He is setting up a notice on the wall.
          For all these years I have been working for others. I’m hoping I’ll _______ my own business someday.
      A. turn up     B. fix up     C. set up      D.make up 
    簡析:C。由主語和賓語之間的邏輯關系可推出該空表示“創立”,因此應填set up。

    2. However, these small victories are a good start towards a better future because they are not the result of giving a man a single fish so that he can eat for a day.
    【考點】 so that的用法。
    【點撥】 so that“以便”,引導目的狀語從句,此時so that前面通常沒有逗號,后面常有can, could等情態動詞。如:
      He saved every cent so that he could buy a new bike.
      He climbed to the top of the tower so that he could see farther.
    【拓展】 so that還可表示“結果”,引導結果狀語從句,此時前面多有逗號,后面通常沒有can, could等情態動詞。如:
      The girl studied very hard, so that she passed the exam.
      I’d like to arrive 20 minutes early _______ I can have time for a cup of tea.
      A. as soon as  B. as a result  C. in case  D. so that  
    簡析:D。so that引導目的狀語從句。

    3. Angela, 21, adds,“ I' d love to stay in the community where I grew up, but there are no career opportunities there...”
    【考點】 where的用法。
    【點撥】 where為關系副詞,引導定語從句。如:
    This is the school where my youngest sister studies.
    【拓展】 where還可引導狀語從句、主語從句、表語從句和賓語從句。如:  
          My home lies where a small river flows.
      Where he stays at present is still a secret.
      I really don’t know where she has gone.
          My question is where you will spend your holidays.
      The village has developed a lot _______ we learned farming two years ago.
      A. when   B. which    C. that     D. where 

    4. By studying sociology, we can identify important factors such as education that help make people more successful within a society.
    【考點】 by的用法。
    【點撥】 by為介詞,“靠、用”,表示方法或手段,后接名詞、代詞、動名詞。如:
          He learned the language by books.
      He entered the room by jumping through the windows.
    【拓展】 by還可表示增減幅度,后面常接分數、百分數或具體數字;
      by the time “到……為止”,引導時間狀語從句。當主句為一般將來時時,從句用一般現在時表示一般將來時。如:
      Has the cotton output of this year increased by 10%?
      I’m taller than her by a head.
      By the time I graduate from middle school I will be eighteen.
          Luckily, the bullet narrowly missed the captain _______ an inch.
      A. by  B. at     C. a   D. one

    5. This worked for some time until it became known that most of the Roma were not actually pilgrims, which further hurt their reputation in Europe.
    【考點】 until的用法。
    【點撥】 句中until 為連詞,用于肯定句時,表明動作或狀態一直延續到until所表示的時間為止才宣告結束,其謂語動詞須為延續性動詞。如:
      We worked in the field until night fell.
      We waited until it stopped raining.
    【拓展】 連詞until用于否定句時,表明動作或狀態一直到until所表示的時間為止才開始發生,其謂語動詞須為終止性動詞。如:
      He didn’t turn back until the guest was out of sight.
          It is difficult for us to learn a lesson in life _______ we’ve actually had that lesson.
          A. until   B. after      C. since        D. when

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