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    M9 U1
    1. Learning about other countries and their cultures is a particularly enriching experience.
    2. On the eastern and western boundaries, the country borders the two great oceans—the Atlantic and the Pacific.
    3. You will be thrilled by Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Edmonton—all known internationally for their metropolitan lifestyle, beautiful architecture and unique culture.
    4. The waterfalls, the largest of which is shaped like a semicircle, are 670 metres wide, and fall 56 metres in an awesome white sheet of water..
    5. There are many maple trees in Canada and a maple leaf is featured on the Canadian flag..
    6. Montreal, a port in the province of Quebec, is the second largest city in Canada, and also the second largest French-speaking city in the world, Paris being the largest.
    7. Many people owe their love of sport to the perfect weather conditions for it..
    8. Among the most impressive athletes were the swimmers, but all of the athletes were worthy of praise.

    M9 U2
    1. The Acropolis is no different.
    2. No one has had a greater impact on Western civilization than the ancient Greeks.
    3. In particular, we associate ancient Greek civilization with the capital city of Athens, the greatest symbol of which is the Acropolis.
    4. In fact, the restoration was so bad that it made some of the buildings less secure than they had been before.
    5. By learning about damage prevention, people will be able to enjoy this historic monument for generations to come.
    6. Buried there are the remains of five emperors, their wives and other royal family members.
    7. My impression was that it was …
    8. I liked the part about …
    9. I felt the … was …
    10. In my opinion, it was …
    11. As I was saying …
    12. You need to remember …
    14. What I mean is …
    15. Let me give you an example …

    M9 U3
    1. Different countries are associated with different colors.
    2. White is the traditional color for weddings in the West, while in the East, it is red.
    3. These flags are more than just colorful pieces of cloth and thread sewn together.
    4. People had far more freedom and all people were considered equal.
    5. The French Revolution was successful in ridding society of inequality, which had a great effect on many other countries, particularly those in Europe.
    6. As taxpayers, they felt they could no longer tolerate not having a say in the government.
    7. On the negative side, green can show envy.
    8. Therefore, the next time you choose an outfit, you should not be arbitrary about what you pick.

    M9 U4
    1. In honor of his return, ….
    2. Children are often referred to as ‘apple of their parents’ eye’.
    3. In other words, if you are not honest, then you are worth nothing.
    4. He/She is said/supposed to …
    5. He/She is known/described/pictured as …
    6. He was made into a saint.
    7. This is the man Father Christmas is based on..
    8. You start the story to get your readers interested.
    9. On both sides of the courtyard are a number of different halls.
    10. It sounds like frog croaking.
    11. Make an action plan so you can improve on them.
    12. According to the stories, he/she  …
    13.There will be great suffering and burdens for people to bear.
    14.The early bird catches the worm.
    15.Great minds think alike, but fools seldom differ.
    16.Don’t count your chickens until they are hatched.
    17.Make hat while the sun shines.

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