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    Good morning, everyone! Today, I'm very happy to introduce myself here. My name is WangLei. I am 12 years old. Now I’m a student in Xitan School. The school is a little far from my home, so I usually get up early and go to school by bike. My favourite subject in school is English, because it’s very interesting. I like Chinese too. My teachers are kind and fun. I like them. I have many friends at school and we usually study and play together. On weekends, I usually go shopping with my mother, sometimes I climb moutains with my father. I love my parents very much and they love me. I like eating fruits and vegetables, because I want to be healthy. Fish is my favorite food. It’s yummy. In four seasons, I like winter best. Because I like playing with snow. I made a beautiful snowman with my parents last year. I was very happy. I hope it will snow this year too. I have a dog. His name is Xixi. He is very smart and lovely. I like playing with him. I think I am a happy girl. I often smile and I’m very friendly. I hope you like me. Thank you!

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