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    A: are you ready to go shopping?
    B: just a minute. I need to make a list of thinks that we need.
    A: good idea. Have you written down potatoes, carrots, and onions?
    B: I don’t have onions on my list. I’ll add them. We should get some tea. Is green tea ok or should we get the same tea that we usually get? A: let’s get both. We need some coffee too. Is that on your list?
    B: yes, it is. Here’s my list. Is there anything that I’ve forgotten?
    A: I think you’ve got everything. I want to got some chocolate and some cheese.
    B: what kind of cheese do you want.
    A: I’m not sure. I’ll decide at the cheese counter, when I can see what they have. Have we got enough money?
    B: we don’t have enough cash, so I’ll take my credit card and we can pay with that. Where are the car keys?
    A: I’ve got them there. Shall I drive?


    A: who is cindy’s husband?
    B: cindy’s husband is ron.
    A: how many children do cindy and ron have?
    B: they have two children-one son and one daughter-as well as one daughter-in-law and one son-in-law.
    A: do they have any grandchildren?
    B: yes, they have three grandchildren-one girl and two boys.
    A; does their daughters get along well with her in-laws?
    B: yes, she gets along with them quite well.  
    A: do they have a large family?  
    B: their family is very similar to cindy and ron’s family.


    A: excuse me, can you tell me the way to Holton railway station?
    B: sure. It’s quite far from here. Don’t worry, though. It’s not difficult to get there.
    A: I think I’m going in the wrong direction, aren’t?
    B: yes. First, you need to turn around. Do you remember passing some traffic lights further up this road?
    A: yes, I do. They are about two miles away, right?
    B: that’s right. Drive back to the traffic rights and turn right. Follow the road for about a mile, until you see the plaza hotel. It’s a really big hotel. You can’t miss it. Turn left at the hotel.
    A: so, right at the traffic lights two miles up the road, then left at the plaza hotel, a mile along that road. Got it.
    B: then you just go straight on until you see the station ahead of you.
    A: ok. Got it. Thanks for you help.
    B: no problem.

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