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    A: can you give me a hand with some things in the kitchen? I don’t think I can finish everything in time.
    B: ok, what do you want me to do?
    A: first of all, I need you to do the drying up. I’m almost finished the washing up. I’m going to clean the cooker when I finish.
    B: ok. I’ll put the plates and cutlery away as I dry them. Where is the tea towel? Oh, here it is.
    A; we’ll have this finished in no time with two if us working on it.
    B: while you’re cleaning the cooker, I’ll wipe the worktop. That was a great meat, by the way.
    A; actually, it was just some leftovers from yesterday. I made far too much food to eat alone. I am glad you could come over to help me finish it.
    B: my pleasure! This tea towel’s a little ragged. Do you have another one?
    A: yes. Look in that drawer. I should throw the old one out.
    B: keep it and use it as rag. You can clean your bicycle with it.


    A: I’m thinking about redecorating my bedroom. I bought this magazine in order to get some ideas. What do you think of this?
    B: that looks good. The room in the picture is bigger than your bedroom, so you wouldn’t be able to put all the furniture in your room.
    A: I’d like to have the bad and the wardrobe.
    B: you would fit both of them in your bedroom. Perhaps you could also get the dressing table. I think that one would look good in your bedroom.  
    A: yes, it would. It’s very expensive though.
    B; everything in this magazine seems expensive. You could probably find something similar in a discount store.
    A: yes. I’m sure I could find something similar at one. I’d also like to get a new carpet for my bedroom.
    B: you can get cheap carpets easily. Another idea is to buy a rug. That would cover a lot of the carpet and you wouldn’t have to replace the carpet. It would save you a lot of work.
    A: that’s a good idea. I’m really looking forward to redoing my bedroom.


    A: what’s the first thing you do when you go to the bathroom in the morning?
    B: I look at myself in the mirror. Sometimes, it’s not a pleasant sight, especially if I have been out late the late before.
    A: do you usually shower or take a bath?
    B: I usually don’t have time for a bath in the mornings, so I just take a shower. Sometimes I need a cold shower to wake me up and sometimes I need a hot one, especially if it’s winter and I need to warm up.
    A; do you shave every morning?
    B: I shave every workday, but I only shave at weekends if I’m going out somewhere. If I’m staying at home, I don’t shave.
    A: do you brush your teeth twice a day as dentists recommend?
    B: Yes. I brush my teeth in the morning, just before I go to work. It’s actually the last thing I do before leaving. Then I brush again before bed.
    A: your dentist must be proud of you!


    A: good morning. I understand that you’ve got a problem with your washing machine. I’m from the repair company.
    B: excellent. Come in please. The washing machine is in the bathroom upstairs. It keeps breaking down.
    A; when did it first break down?
    A: about ten days ago. I’ve tried to use it since then. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. it’s very frustrating.
    B: is it still under warranty. If it is and I can’t fix it, it would be quicker and easier to exchange it for a new one.
    A: yes, it’s still under warranty. Over the last few weeks, it’s also been making a high-pitch noise when it’s in use.
    a: ok. I’ll start by looking at the motor. I’ll just unplug it and take a look inside the machine…..oh, yes. There’s the problem. It’s quite simple. I’ll sort it out in a few minutes.
    b: what’s wrong with it?
    A: part of the motor is loose. I can put it back in place quite easily.
    B: that’s great. Thanks very much. Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?

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