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      A Bite of China, a mouth-watering late-night documentary television series about Chinese food,   61   (attract) countless viewers since it was aired on CCTV. It became popular immediately after being shown, and has made viewers go beyond thinking about food    62    (it).

      From its very beginning, A Bite of China is not just a documentary about food. It is a serious documentary providing    63     unique view of Chinese as well as the relations between people and food and between people and society     64     the perspective of food. The documentary shows the techniques    65    (use) in making food and their production process as well as the lives of ordinary people, thus     66    (touch) the hearts of the audience. A Bite of China shows that the emotions of ordinary Chinese people should be exhibited, and  that even a    67   (complete) commercial program can achieve both artistic and commercial success. Being sincere is the most important thing for     68     (artist) because they cannot move others unless they themselves are first moved.

      If you are the one     69     is curious about the history and stories behind foods of various kinds in China,   70   (switch) on TV and a fantastic world will spread in front of you.


    61. has attracted
    62. itself
    63. a
    64. from
    65. used
    66. touching
    67. completely
    68. artists
    69. who/that
    70. Switch

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