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    8. – Where is the morning paper?
        – I ________ if for you at once.
             A. get    B. am getting
             C. to get    D. will get
    9. ________ a concert next Saturday?
             A. There will be    B. Will there be
             C. There can be    D. There are
    10. If they come, we ________ a meeting.
             A. have    B. will have
             C. had    D. would have
    11. He ________ her a beautiful hat on her next birthday.
             A. gives    B. gave
             C. will giving    D. is going to give
    12. He ________ to us as soon as he gets there.
             A. writes    B. has written
             C. will write    D. wrote
    13. He ________ in three days.
             A. coming back    B. came back
             C. will come back    D. is going to coming back
    14. If it ________ tomorrow, we’ll go roller-skating.
             A. isn’t rain    B. won’t rain
             C. doesn’t rain    D. doesn’t fine
    15. – Will his parents go to see the Terra Cotta Warriors tomorrow?
          – No, ________ (不去).
              A. they willn’t    B. they won’t.
              C. they aren’t    D. they don’t.
    16. Who ________ we ________ swimming with tomorrow afternoon?
              A. will; go    B. do; go
              C. will; going    D. shall; go
    17. We ________ the work this way next time.
              A. do    B. will do
              C. going to do    D. will doing
    18. Tomorrow he ________ a kite in the open air first, and then ________ boating in the park.
              A. will fly; will go    B. will fly; goes
              C. is going to fly; will goes    D. flies; will go
    19. The day after tomorrow they ________ a volleyball match.
              A. will watching    B. watches
              C. is watching    D. are going to watch
    20. There ________ a birthday party this Sunday.
              A. shall be    B. will be
              C. shall going to be     D. will going to be

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