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    1. I ______(leave)in a minute. I ______(finish)all my work before I ______ (leave).
    2. —How long _____ you _____(study)in our country?
     —I _____(plan)to be here for about one more year.
     —I _____(hope)to visit the other parts of your country.
     —What ______ you ______(do)after you ______(leave)here?
     —I ______(return)home and ______(get)a job.
    3. I ______(be)tired. I ______(go)to bed early tonight.
    4. Mary’s birthday is next Monday, her mother _____(give)her a present.
    5. It is very cold these days. It ______(snow)soon.
    6. —_____ you _____(be)here this Saturday?
     —No. I ______(visit)my teacher.
    7. —______ I ______(get)you a copy of today’s newspaper?
     —Thank you.
    8. I am afraid there ______(be)a meeting this afternoon. I can’t join you.
    9. Mike ______(believe, not)this until he ______(see)it with his own eyes.
    10. Most of us don’t think their team ______(win).


    1. am leaving ; will finish ; leave   
    2. will ; study ; plan ; hope ; will ; do ; leave ; will return ; get
    3. am ; will 4. will give 5. will snow
    6. Will, be ; will visit 7. Shall ; get
    8. will be 9. won’t believe ; sees 10. will win


    1. There __________ a meeting tomorrow afternoon.
             A. will be going to    B. will going to be
             C. is going to be    D. will go to be
    2. Charlie ________ here next month.
             A. isn’t working    B. doesn’t working
             C. isn’t going to working    D. won’t work
    3. He ________ very busy this week, he ________ free next week.
             A. will be; is    B. is; is
             C. will be; will be    D. is; will be
    4. There ________ a dolphin show in the zoo tomorrow evening.
             A. was    B. is going to have
             C. will have    D. is going to be
    5. –________ you ________ free tomorrow?
        – No. I ________ free the day after tomorrow.
             A. Are; going to; will    B. Are; going to be; will
             C. Are; going to; will be    D. Are; going to be; will be
    6. Mother ________ me a nice present on my next birthday.
             A. will gives    B. will give
             C. gives    D. give
    7. – Shall I buy a cup of tea for you?
        –________. (不,不要。)
             A. No, you won’t    B. No, you aren’t.
             C. No, please don’t    D. No, please.

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