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    1. What_____you_____(do)?
    2. I_____(sing) an English song.
    3. What_____he_____(mend)?
    4. He_____(mend) a car.
    5. _____you_____(fly) a kite?Yes,_____.
    6. _____she_____(sit) in the boat?
    7. _____you_____(ask) questions?
    8. We_____(play) games now.

    答案:1. are doing   2. am singing  3. is mending  4. is mending  5. Are flying  I am 6. Is sitting  7. Are asking  8. are playing


    1. Jack is_____with Jim.They are good____.
    A:running;friend;    B:running;friends;   
    C:runing;friends    D:run;friend's
    2. Look! Mary____doing____homework.
    A:is;one's    B:is;her    C:are;his    D:are;her
    3. The Greens____supper now.
    A:is having    B:are;having   
    C:is haveing    D:are;having
    4. The children are____TV.
    A:watch    B:seeing    C:watching    D:reading
    5. Are the boys looking at the blackboard? Yes,they____.
    A:aren't    B:do    C:don't    D:are
    6. There's____girl,she is very tall.
    A:second    B:two    C:a second    D:all second
    7. --Do you have a red pen?Which of the following is wrong? --____.
    A:Yes; I have one    B:Yes,I have it   
    C:Yes,I do    D:Sorry,I don't
    8. --Excuse me.May I borrow a pen,please? --____.
    A:It doesn't matter;    B:Thank you;   
    C:Certainly,here you are;    D:Not at all.
    9. The boy is late for class.So he says tO the teacher,"________".
    A:I'm sorry    B:Excuse me,May I come in?   
    C:Let me in,    D:I don't want to be late.
    10. The children_____football.
    A:is playing      B:are playing   C:play the       D:play a

    答案:1. B 2. B 3. D 4. C 5. D 6. C;a second 不定冠詞+序數詞表示“又一”7. B;因為a red pen是泛指,而it是特指。8. C;9. B;打攪對方的道歉語;10. B。


    1. 把你的自行車借我用一下好嗎?
    May I____your bike,____?
    2. 我們正在做第一課的練習。
    We____  ____the exercises oF the____lesson.
    3. 李先生是我的英語啟蒙老師。
    Mr Li is my_____  _____teacher.
    4. 你有支黑的嗎?
    Do you have a _____   _____?
    5. 對不起我來晚了
    I'm____that I came____here?
    答案:1. borrow;please 2. are;doing;first 3. first;English 4. black;one 5. sorry/afraid;late

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