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    (Text 1)
    W: Excuse me. How can I find the book called The Class of 1998?
    M: Oh, I’m afraid it was sold out.
    W: It’s all right. Thank you.
    (Text 2)
    M: How did your dancing lesson go today?
    W: Exciting, but it was hard work. I really need a rest now.
    M: Yeah, I can see that. Go and get relaxed.
    (Text 3)
    M: How much is that in total?
    W: 100 dollars. But if you have a membership card, I can give you a 20% discount.
    M: Great. This is my membership card.
    (Text 4)
    M: Jane, I’m going out for a while.
    W: But you have an appointment with Mr. Douglas at 3 o’clock.
    M: Well, please make it another day.
    (Text 5)
    W: David said he would quit his job at our school.
    M: Really? Why would he do that?
    W: His friend started a firm in London. She wanted David to help her.
    (Text 6)
    W: I’m going out for shopping. Do you need anything?
    M: Oh, yeah. I can’t find my umbrella. Can you buy one?
    W: Shouldn’t it be in the cupboard?
    M: I just checked. It wasn’t there.
    W: Impossible. That was where I usually put it. Did you check the balcony?
    M: Yes, of course. Couldn’t find it. Well, just get a new one then.
    (Text 7)
    M: Hi, Lucy. How was your weekend?
    W: Great. You know, we went mountain climbing in the forest park. The air was so different from the city, cool and fresh.
    M: Sounds great!
    W: Yeah. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. And we could see for miles from the top. What about you? What did you do?
    M: Busy packing.
    W: Oh, yes, of course. I forgot you and Jenny are moving into a new house. It’s on Wednesday, isn’t it?
    M: Yeah, two days after. I didn’t realize there are so many things to do.
    W: Can I help out with anything?
    M: Um, it’ll be nice if you could take care of Henry for a couple of days.
    W: Henry?
    M: Yes, my dog.
    W: Oh, sure. No problem. You just focus on the move.
    (Text 8)
    M: Hello, can I speak to Mr. Stone, please?
    W: Hello, but I’m afraid Mr. Stone is in a meeting until lunchtime. Can I take a message?
    M: Well, yes. I’d like to make an appointment to see him. It’s Harrison White here.
    W: Just a second, Mr. White. I’ll look in the diary. So, when is convenient for you?
    M: Sometime today, if possible. I hear he’ll be away tomorrow.
    W: Yes, that’s right. He’ll be on a business trip for a week. 
    M: I need to talk about my new program with him before he leaves. It’s urgent. So, would this afternoon be OK?
    W: Let me see. OK. Mr. Stone is free this afternoon after 3 o’clock.
    M: Well, 3 o’clock is a bit difficult, but I could make it after 3:30.
    W: So, shall we say a quarter to four this afternoon in Mr. Stone’s office?
    M: That’s great. Thanks. 
    (Text 9)
    W: Hello?
    M: Hi, Cindy. This is Jake Lee at Fix It Cooperation. How are you today?
    W: Oh, hi, Jake. I’m fine. How are you?
    M: Good. The reason I’m calling is that we’d like to offer you the position you were interviewed for last Thursday.
    W: Oh, that’s great. I was really impressed with Fix It.
    M: I’m glad to hear it. And we’re prepared to offer you a starting salary of $55,000.
    W: I see. And vacation time?
    M: Oh, you get one day per month in your first year. That is you’ll have twelve days in your first year. And then increase if you stay longer with the company.
    W: What would be my job title?
    M: You’d be a junior specialist, and you’d be working under Monica Stansfield, the department manager.
    W: OK. Is the salary negotiable at all?
    M: Well, this is typical for a new staff.
    W: I see.
    M: Why don’t you think about it? I’ll need to hear back from you by Wednesday. Will that work?
    W: Sure. No problem. I’ll let you know Tuesday afternoon.
    (Text 10)
    M: Hello, everybody. Today I’d like to share with you something about John Audubon. John was born on April 26th, 1785. He spent much of his childhood in France, where he spent many hours each day outdoors painting pictures. At the age of 18, he moved to the United States. Well, actually, John began his life in the US as a businessman. However, instead of taking care of his business, John was often off exploring the nature. At first, John spent his time hunting for fun. Then he found that the animals around were very beautiful, and he particularly enjoyed observing the birds he saw. He began studying them, trying to learn the differences between the birds and noticing their different behaviors. Therefore, he painted the birds he observed a lot. In 1819, John realized that he didn’t have enough money to pay his bills. He was very upset that he couldn’t earn enough money to support his family, so he spent time improving his painting skills and began to sell his paintings. He discovered that he could earn some money while doing something he really enjoyed. We’re lucky now to have so many paintings of American birds by John Audubon.

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