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      You must have heard these words like how happy it is to be a child. But would you   1   change places with a child? Think of the years at school: the years   2   living in constant fear of examinations and school   3  . Every movement you make, every thought you think is   4   by some adults. Think of the   5   you had to go to bed early, you had to eat   6   thing that was supposed to be good for you. Remember   7   “gentle” pressure was given to you with words like “If you don’t do as I say, I will …” I’m sure you will never forget!

        8  , these are only part of child’s   9  . No matter how kind and loving parents may be, children often   10   from some terrible and illogical (不合乎邏輯的)   11   since they can’t understand the world around them. They often have such fears in the dark or in the dream. Adults can   12   their fears with other adults   13   children have to face their fears alone.

      But the most   14   part of childhood is a period when you   15   to go out of it, the period when you go into adolescence (youth). Teenagers start to   16   their parents and this causes them great   17  . There is a complete lack of self-confidence during this time. Adolescents pay much attention to their   18   and the impression they make on others. They feel shy, awkward and clumsy (笨拙的). Feelings are strong and hearts   19   broken. Teenagers   20   moments of great happiness or black despair. And through this period, adults seem to be unkind than ever.

      1. A. willing B. unhappily C. friendly D. honestly
      2. A. spent B. taken C. had D. devoted
      3. A. results B. exercises C. reports D. teachers
      4. A. observed B. seen C. known D. watched
      5. A. years B. times C. evenings D. days
      6. A. helpful B. harmful C. hateful D. delicious
      7. A. what B. why C. that D. how
      8. A. Though B. Even so C. But D. Therefore
      9. A. difficulties B. life C. trouble D. fears
      10. A. gain B. suffer C. receive D. get
      11. A. troubles B. fears C. diseases D. worries
      12. A. enjoy B. deliver C. share D. break
      13. A. while B. but C. so D. however
      14. A. exciting B. interesting C. painful D. unforgettable
      15. A. have B. need C. remember D. begin
      16. A. dislike B. be against C. cheat D. for
      17. A. unhappiness B. interests C. happiness D. determination
      18. A. confidence B. patience C. appearance D. action
      19. A. really B. truly C. naturally D. easily
      20. A. pass B. experience C. face D. take


      1~5 AACAB 6~10 CDBCB 11~15 BCACD 16~20 BACDB

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