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      Sare Niccoli, the 17-year-old daughter of a rich textile owner was freed by her kidnappers (綁匪) after 118 days. She said she   1   most of the time in a tent in the woods   2   one foot tied to a tree.   3   was freed late on Friday   4   her family paid a   5   of $1.8 million, the largest ransom (贖金)   6   paid in Italy.

      “I was   7   well,” the girl told the   8   during the interview, “Biscuits, cakes, often hot food and 9 stewed beef.” She said her nearly four months in   10   was spent in a tent pitched(set up) in a   11   area.

      “I never   12   their faces and when they   13   , they changed their voices in nasal tones (speaking through nose passage) on   14   ,” she said. “They kept   15   that the only thing they wanted was the money and that they didn’t want to have   16   to do with me or my family.”

      The high   17   student, who was seized by three face-covered and   18   men on July 2, 1983 from her family’s   19   villa(別墅) in Tuscany, said she still had no idea   20   on earth she had been held.

      1. A. got B. had C. took D. spent
      2. A. and B. including C. with D. although
      3. A. She B. Her friend C. Her father D. Her mother
      4. A. so B. after C. unless D. if
      5. A. lot B. amount C. total D. figure
      6. A. money B. ever C. possibly D. being
      7. A. treated B. understood C. considered D. tested
      8. A. family B. reporters C. police D. friends
      9. A. a bit B. at times C. somewhat D. containing
      10. A. prison B. trap C. trouble D. dark
      11. A. dangerous B. wooded C. kidnapping D. farm
      12. A. watched B. remembered C. saw D. looked at
      13. A. cried B. sang C. spoke D. laughed
      14. A. purpose B. average C. holiday D. time
      15. A. repeating B. doing C. talking D. asking for
      16. A. nothing B. something C. everything D. anything
      17. A. society B. family C. class D. school
      18. A. armed B. handed C. kidnapped D. terrified
      19. A. country B. city C. textile D. downtown
      20. A. which B. what C. why D. where


      1~5 DCABC 6~10 BABBC 11~15 BCCAA 16~20 DDAAD

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