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      As a teenager, I felt I was always letting people down. I was rebellious (反叛的) on the outside,   1   on the inside, I wanted people to  2  me.

      Once I left home to hitchhike (搭便車) to California with my friend Penelope. The trip wasn’t   3  , and there were many times I didn’t feel safe. One situation in particular   4   me grateful to still be alive When I returned home, I was different, not so outwardly sure of myself.

      I was happy to be home. But then I noticed that Penelope, who was   5   with us, was wearing my clothes. And my   6   seemed to like her better than me. I wondered if I would be   7   if I weren’t there. I told my mom, and she explained that   8   Penelope was a lovely girl, no one could   9   me. I pointed out, “ She is more patient and is neater than I have ever been.” My mom said these were wonderful   10  , but I was the only person who could fill my   11  , She made me realize that even with my   12   — and there were many —I was a loved member of the family who couldn’t be replaced.

      I became a searcher, wanting to   13   who I was and what made me unique (獨一無二的). My   14   of myself was changing. I wanted a solid base to start from I started to resist (抵抗) pressure to   15   in ways that I didn’t like any more, and I was   16   by who I really was. I came to feel much more   17   that no one can ever take my place.

      Each of us   18   a unique (獨一無二的) place in the world.You are special, no matter what others say or what you may think. So   19   about being replaced. You   20   be.

      1. A. and B. but C. as D. for
      2. A. leave B. respect C. admire D. like
      3. A. easy B. hard C. fun D. long
      4. A. succeeded B. kept C. managed D. remained
      5. A. playing B. eating C. staying D. running
      6. A. family B. friends C. relatives D. class
      7. A. loved B. mentioned C. cared D. missed
      8. A. before B. after C. though D. unless
      9. A. scold B. compare C. replace D. match
      10. A. qualities B. girls C. people D. times
      11. A. character B. role C. task D. job
      12. A. faults B. advantages C. manners D. pities
      13. A. look for B. look back C. find out D. give up
      14. A. picture B. view C. sense D. drawing
      15. A. think B. learn C. change D. act
      16. A. thankful B. delighted C. disappointed D. hopeful
      17. A. sure B. doubtful C. happy D. lonely
      18. A. carries B. catches C. seizes D. holds
      19. A. talk B. forget C. care D. argue
      20. A. mustn’t B. shouldn’t C. can’t D. needn’t


      1~5 BDABC 6~10 ADCCA 11~15 BACBD 16~20 BADBC

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