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      My sister and I grew up in a little village in England. Our father was a struggling   1  , but I always knew he was   2  . He never criticized us, but used   3   to bring out our best. He’d say, “If you pour water on flowers, they flourish. If you don’t give them water, they die.” I  4   as a child I said something   5   about somebody, and my father said, “   6   time you say something unpleasant about somebody else, it’s a reflection of you.” He explained that if I looked for the best   7   people, I would get the best    8  . From then on I’ve always tried to   9    the principle in my life and later in running my company.

      Dad’s also always been very   10  . At 15, I started a magazine. It was   11   a great deal of my time, and the headmaster of my school gave me a   12  :stay in school or leave to work on my magazine.

      I decided to leave, and Dad tried to sway me from my decision,   13   any good father would. When he realized I had made up my mind, he said, “Richard, when I was 23, my dad   14   me to go into law. And I’ve   15   regretted it. I wanted to be a biologist,   16   I didn’t pursue my   17  . You know what you want. Go fulfill it.”

      As   18   turned out, my little publication went on to become Student, a national   19   for young people in the U.K. My wife and I have two children, and I’d like to think we are bringing them up in the same way Dad   20   me.

      1. A. biologist B. manager C. lawyer D. gardener
      2. A. strict B. honest C. special D. learned
      3. A. praise B. courage C. power D. warmth
      4. A. think B. imagine C. remember D. guess
      5. A. unnecessary B. unkind C. unimportant D. unusual
      6. A. Another B. Some C. Any D. Other
      7. A. on B. in C. at D. about
      8. A. in case B. by turns C. by chance D. in return
      9. A. revise B. set C. review D. follow
      10. A. understanding B. experienced C. serious D. demanding
      11. A. taking up B. making up C. picking up D. keeping up
      12. A. suggestion B. decision C. notice D. choice
      13. A. and B. as C. even if D. as if
      14. A. helped B. allowed C. persuaded D. suggested
      15. A. always B. never C. seldom D. almost
      16. A. rather B. but C. for D. therefore
      17. A. promise B. task C. belief D. dream
      18. A. this B. he C. it D. that
      19. A. newspaper B. magazine C. program D. project
      20. A. controlled B. comforted C. reminded D. raise


      1~5 CCACB 6~10 CBDDA 11~15 ADBCA 16~20 BDCBD

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