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      School was over and I was both mentally and physically tired. I sat at the very front of the bus because of   1   to get home. Sitting at the front makes you   2   out like a shiny coin in a pile of dull pennies.

      Janie, the driver, tries to break the uncomfortable atmosphere by striking the match of   3  .

      I try to mind my manners and   4   listen, but usually I am too busy thinking about my day. On this day,   5  , her conversation was worth listening to.

      “My father’s sick, ” she said to no one in   6  . 1 could see the anxiety and fear in her eyes. With a sudden change of attitude and interest, I asked, “What’s wrong with him?”

      With her eyes wet and her voice tight from   7   the tears, she responded, “Heart trouble.” Her eyes   8   as she continued. “I’ve already lost my mum, so I don’t think I can   9   losing him.”

      I couldn’t respond. 1 was   10   My heart ached for her. I sat on the old, smelly seat thinking of the great   11   my own mother was thrown into when my father died.

      I saw how hard it was,  12   still is, for her. I wouldn’t like anyone to go through   13  .

      Suddenly I realized Janie wasn’t only a bus driver. That was just her job. She had a   14   world of family and concerns too. I had never thought of her as anything but a driver.

      I suddenly felt very   15  . I realized I had only thought of people as   16   as what their purposes were in my life. I paid no attention to Janie because she  was a bus driver. I had judged her by her job and   17   as unimportant.

      For all I know, I’m just another person in   18   else’s world, and may not even be important. I should not have been so selfish and self—centred. Everyone   19   a place to go to, people to see and appointments to   20  . Understanding people is an art.

      1. A. determination B. decision C. attempt D. anxiety
      2. A. make B. think C. stand D. find
      3. A. topic B. conversation C. discussion D. message
      4. A. devotedly B. carelessly C. sincerely D. politely
      5. A. therefore B. thus C. otherwise D. however
      6. A. common B. silence C. particular D. surprise
      7. A. avoiding B. clearing C. keeping D. fighting
      8. A. lowered B. closed C. widened D. opened
      9. A. mind B. regret C. bear D. miss
      10. A. angry B. shocked C. curious D. interested
      11. A. pain B. pity C. disappointment D. mercy
      12. A. yet B. and C. or D. but
      13. A. this B. them C. that D. one
      14. A. dark B. narrow C. whole D. bright
      15. A. confused B. selfish C. worried D. sad
      16. A. long B. much C. well D. far
      17. A. regard her B. Helped her out C. Brushed her off D. take her
      18. A. someone B. anyone C. no one D. everyone
      19. A. has B. takes C. finds D. needs
      20. A. stay B. remain C. keep D. put


      1~5 DCBDD 6~10 CDACB 11~15 ABCCB 16~20 DAAAC

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