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      It was the last day of the final examination in a large eastern university. On the steps of one building, a group of engineering seniors gathered, discussing the exam due to begin in a few   1   . On their faces was confidence. This was their last exam — then on to   2   and jobs.

      Some talked of jobs they already had; others talked of jobs they   3   get. With the certainty of four years of college, they felt ready and able to take   4   of the world.

      The coming exam, they knew, would be a(n)   5   task. The professor had said they could bring   6   books or notes they wanted, requesting only that they did not   7   each other, during the test.

        8   they entered the classroom. The professor passed out the papers. And  smiles   9   on the students’ faces as they noted there were only five essay-type questions.

      Three hours had passed   10   the professor began to collect the papers. The students no longer looked confident. On their faces was a frightened expression. Papers in hand, no one spoke as the professor faced the class.

      He looked at the   11   faces before him, and then asked, “How many completed all five questions?”    12   a hand was raised.

      “How many answered four?” Still no hands.

      “Three? Two?” The students moved restlessly in their seats.

      “One, then? Certainly somebody finished   13  .” But the class remained silent.

      The professor put down the papers. “That is exactly what I   14  ,” he said. “I just want to impress upon you that,   15   you have completed four years of engineering, there are still many things about the   16   you don’t know. These questions you couldn’t answer are relatively   17   in everyday practice. ” Then smiling, he added, “You will all 18 this course, but remember — even though you are now college graduates, your education has just   19  .”

      The years have   20   the name of this professor, but not the lesson he taught.

      1. A. seconds B. minutes C. hours D. days
      2. A. interview B. discussion C. education D. graduation
      3. A. would B. must C. have to D. used to
      4. A. hold B. control C. charge D. place
      5. A. interesting B. necessary C. easy D. unusual
      6. A. no B. either C. any D. all
      7. A. listen to B. look at C. refer to D. talk to
      8. A. Nervously B. Joyfully C. Quickly D. Curiously
      9. A. appeared B. changed C. froze D. stopped
      10. A. then B. as C. before D. after
      11. A. pleased B. worried C. surprised D. moved
      12. A. Not B. Once C. Only D. Even
      13. A. all B. none C. one D. it
      14. A. wondered B. enjoyed C. hated D. expected
      15. A. right now B. as though C. now that D. even though
      16. A. exam B. subject C. question D. college
      17. A. valuable B. difficult C. common D. strange
      18. A. pass B. fail C. take D. start
      19. A. begun B. completed C. failed D. succeeded
      20. A. forgot B. remembered C. strengthened D. weakened


      1~5 BDABC 6~10 BDBAC 11~15 BACDD 16~20 BCAAD

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